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Whether you’re at the initial stages of venturing into Google Ads or seeking to amplify your ad spend’s effectiveness, Zender’s proficiency stands out as the top choice in the industry.

Google Ads Campaigns That Deliver Instant Results

So, you want to start using pay-per-click advertising, but you’re not sure how to make the most money without spending too much. You’re wondering which words to use in your ads and how to turn the people who click into customers.

When you team up with us, we’ll first figure out the best words to use in your ads by looking at what people are searching for. This helps your ad show up when it matters and beat the competition. We’ll also help you write great ads and set up a page that makes people want to buy.

As your ad runs, we’ll use a tool called Google Analytics to see how well it’s doing. If there’s anything we can do to make it work better, we’ll let you know.

You don’t have to figure out this advertising stuff by yourself. Our experts know a lot about pay-per-click advertising and can help you create a plan that really works. Want to work with the best? Choose Zender and find out why we’re the top digital marketing agency in London.

Our Keyword Approach to Ads

It’s widely known that Google ads operate based on keywords. Our ads agency stands out because of our deep understanding and hands-on experience in this area.

Our expertise in researching and analyzing keywords allows us to discover opportunities in Google Ads that many others might overlook. Our PPC experts excel at finding openings in the keyword data, ensuring that your Google ads are directed where they’ll have the most impact. Additionally, we enhance your paid traffic strategies with top-notch SEO, creating a well-rounded digital marketing strategy that delivers outstanding results in the industry.

Industry-Beating Instant Results

The top advantage of Google Ads? Instant results.

You don’t have to wait for a long-term strategy or create tons of content. With Zender’s Google Ads, we’ll begin sending traffic to your website right away, and you’ll notice a boost in visitors from the get-go. We assist businesses of all sizes in achieving impressive outcomes with Google ads. We divide a campaign into five main goals, aiming to grow your customer base, quickly increase traffic, and optimize for conversions.

Three Key Objective Campaigns

Drive New Customers

Through market research and analyzing websites in your niche, we will determine the keywords that are most relevant for your targeting.

Build Brand Awareness

We boost brand awareness using Google Ads. By targeting related keywords, we make sure customers find you even if they didn't know they were looking for you.

World-Class Competitor Strategy

Through thorough market research and analyzing other websites in your specific field, we'll determine the keywords that you should focus on targeting.

Work With Your PPC Agency: Zender

Get in touch with Zender today and team up with the premier Google ad agency in NYC. Our team of seasoned and data-driven ad experts possesses a profound understanding of the national market, and our track record of outstanding keyword analysis speaks volumes about our expertise.