How to Increase Google Reviews

When seeking a service, purchasing a product, choosing a restaurant, or booking a hotel, the initial step often involves heading online. We navigate to the brand’s page and peruse Google reviews. These reviews, stemming from others’ experiences, heavily influence our decision-making process.

A 2021 Consumer Review Survey unveiled that a staggering 81% of US-based consumers rely on Google reviews to assess local businesses. Evidently, we inhabit an internet-centric era where online reviews, particularly Google reviews, wield immense sway over consumer choices. Consequently, it becomes imperative for brands to grasp strategies for boosting Google reviews and cultivating a positive review score.

Be On Top of Searches and Attract More

1. Share the Google Review Link via Email and SMS

To ensure easy access for customers to review your brand, the initial crucial step is sharing the direct review link. Eliminate the need for customers to search or grapple with writing a Google review by providing direct access.

So, first, create a Google review link shortcut with these simple steps:

Go to Google My Business Account > Click Home > Click on Get Your First Review or Get More Reviews > Click Share Review Form > Copy the link

Email : Share your Google review link via business email post-transaction or after specific customer interactions. Time it to coincide with their recent engagement, increasing the likelihood of a genuine and prompt review. Embed the review link within the email signature for customers seeking support, accompanying the response from the customer service agent.
SMS : Utilize the high SMS open rate (over 90%) to your advantage by sharing the Google review link through text messages. This increases the chances of customers viewing the review request and contributing to Google reviews with ease, potentially leading to a notable increase in reviews for your business.

2. Use QR Codes to Link to Review Pages

Most shoppers carry mobile devices, granting them easy access to scan QR codes and visit associated websites. Incorporating QR codes on promotional materials, receipts, or visible spots creates a direct link to review pages. This subtle approach actively prompts users to leave reviews upon scanning the code and landing on the review platform. To create QR code, you can use:

Copy link from step 1 then go to Canva QR Generator. You can also add text to the file.

3.Engage with Reviews:

Responding to reviews is vital for boosting Google business reviews. Use your business account to reply, making your responses visible alongside customer reviews. Customers visiting your page notice and may be deterred from writing reviews if previous ones remain unanswered. Not responding disrupts trust between the brand and customers. Promptly thank customers for their feedback, whether positive or negative, aiding in enhancing their experience with your brand. This proactive approach encourages more customers to contribute Google reviews.

4.Create 'Leave Us a Review' Cards:

Design physical cards to gather Google reviews at various customer touchpoints by including: Instructions for reviewing your business QR code containing the embedded review link for easy access Utilize these cards in multiple ways, such as including them with delivered products, distributing them in physical stores, or providing them to guests in restaurants or hotels along with bills or receipts.

5. Interact with On-Site Customers:

Interact with On-Site Customers: Direct customer interactions hold immense value as they establish a personal connection and ensure the customer feels heard. In a retail setting, train billing staff to politely inquire about customer experiences and invite them to share a Google review for your brand. This personalized approach can positively influence customers and encourage them to contribute a Google review.

6. Ask for Reviews on Social Media

Utilizing social media facilitates direct customer outreach, enhancing brand visibility. Beyond leveraging these platforms for branding purposes, you can engage with customers to garner Google reviews. By placing the review link in your social media bio and sharing it through posts, you provide an accessible way for both current customers and those who have previously interacted with your brand to contribute their feedback on Google.